Tadadaa Bow Quest for parents

At the end of the day, when you come home and you might be tired from your work, there is still food to prepare, the dog to walk, the baby to wash because little Anna decided to draw on her young brother… We know it is not always easy! So we don’t need to make things harder than they should! Especially with stuff that should be pure joy like music. You know your kid has to practice every day and he knows it too. The teacher said it enough... But sometimes, let’s be honest, to make Tom open his violin case can be quite a challenge!

We want to help you there! Tadadaa's first goal is to motivate children to practice.

With an attractive and gamified content we are proposing meaningful exercises to your child to practice his instrument. No more fight over 3 poor minutes of practice, your child will beg for more!

Now, Tom can be a bit of a trickster sometimes, just a bit. You know, when you asked “Did you practice your violin today?” And that he answers with an angel voice “Yes Mummyyyyy!”... which actually means “ yes mummy I opened the case, kind of tuned the violin, and played one exercise for 30 sec”... So you would like to know if your Tom actually practiced his violin enough this week, to know if he did all the exercises correctly?

Maybe you would like to know more about his strengths and more fragile areas in order to help him in these?

Through Tadadaa, his teacher can assign him some work and you can both monitor his practice. You will be able to see how much he practiced (the time is counted only when he actually plays), which pieces he played and how well he scored. If his teacher doesn’t uses Tadadaa, there are two things to think about:

You could maybe suggest him to look at this app and if he likes it, we would love to partner with him! The time spent on Tadadaa is true practice so it is not wasted time! What he practices in the app will help him with what he is doing besides it. Tadadaa is truly a catalyst. Witness the causal effect between how much time your child spends on the app and how much progress he makes!