Tadadaa Bow Quest for music teachers

Tadadaa is designed to increase your students' motivation to practice and give them tools on HOW to practice efficiently at home. Connect within Tadadaa’s app and follow your students, assign them some pieces, check their progress and time spent on the instrument. You can as well use the app in the classroom to create some games or sight-reading sessions. You are free to use and mold the content as you wish, this is the beauty of it! We see Tadadaa as a tool box where you can go and draw from what you need when you need it. You know what suits your students, so, you choose the approach, you choose the method, you choose the order because YOU are the teacher, and we will provide the music material, tools and motivation support which will help your students to flourish and never want to leave their instrument!

Do you notice something missing in Tadadaa? Would you like us to add some specific music or deal with a particular skill? Send us a request at info@tadadaa.com and we will do everything we can to include it to our content.

Now, you may be thinking, that’s wonderful but how much will it cost me? I am a teacher, so I should be paid to do my job, not the opposite... And we agree! So contact us and after proving your status, we will offer you free access to Tadadaa! If you are employed by a music school or conservatory, why not use Tadadaa through your school? Thanks to your institution's purchase, every teacher and student will have free access to the app, so, why not suggest your superior to contact us? We have very attractive discounts for music schools!